In the loop

Howdy from Jackson Hole

It's Friday evening and I've just finished filming with Hunter Hoffler in Jackson Hole, Wyoming for an episode of "In the Loop" for American TV.

I was called in to film the stillwater episode where we fished on a local lake and caught heaps of fantastic Cutthroat trout.  Hunter is just 16 years old, but he fishes like an angler with twice his years' experience! 

It's his ambition to be one of the best anglers in the USA and to fish for ther USA senior Team.  He's already been the National Champion and fished for USA Youth in the World Championships and I think he's got what it takes to fulfill his ambitions!

We had a blast, both catching those lake Cutthroat and doing the filming and we also got plenty of our UK methods to work.

Now it's off to North Carolina where I'm doing some stillwater clinics for the USA Team and aspiring team members.

This is an 8 day trip, with 7 plane flights and hours of travelling by road, but so far it's been amazing.  We've seen Bald Eagles, Buffalo, Elk and a host of other wildlife and the scenery in the Teton Mountain range is truly spectacular.

Check out a few of the pics so far.

Beware of grazing Buffalo!
Hunter with Cutthroat Trout
Small sandwich - American style!!

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