Flooding affects Chew Valley

The recent spell of wet and stormy weather has had an unprecedented impact on the Chew Valley.
One person has died in the nearby village of Chew Stoke, when his 4 x 4 vehicle was washed away in floods close to the lake.

Travelling throughout the West Country has been hazardous due to the floods and all pike boats were cancelled on Chew today.

Chew Valley Lake is overflowing at an alarming rate (see pic below), adding even more water to the local River Chew.  The inlet at Herriott's Nature Reserve is flooded and dirty brown water is entering the lake in huge proportions.  Chew itself is chocolate brown in colour - not just due to the rainfall, but also due to gale force winds that stirred-up the lake's silt deposits.  It will only take a day or so of calm conditions for the sediment to settle, but with more rain and high winds forecast; the outlook is not looking good!

The final 6 day session of pike trials was due to start today.  Please ring the Fishing Lodge on 01275 332339 to check if the lake is due to be open if you have a boat this week.

Chew valley Lake spillway
Water coming into Herons Green
Herriott's Inlet

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