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2016 Season looming

Not long now before the new fly fishing season begins on our reservoirs.
Blagdon Lake opens for business on 10th March, while Chew Valley opens a week later on Thursday 17th March 2016.

The Winter so far has been mild, wet and windy - although we have had nowhere near the huge amounts of rain experienced in the North of England, Scotland and Ireland.  In fact, neither Chew Valley or Blagdon are overflowing yet, but they are only a couple of feet below top water so we expect them to be full within a few weeks and certainly before Opening Days.

Book now for Guided Days

I am now actively taking bookings for Guided Days in 2016 on both Chew Valley and Blagdon Lakes.  Fish for quality Brown and Rainbow Trout on either lake and of course there is the opportunity to target massive pike on the fly at Chew. 

If you fancy a lake to yourself, then why not try Litton Lakes with me from a boat.  It is possible to have not one, but both lakes to yourself for the day, along with exclusive use of the Fishing Lodge where we can barbecue lunch in a truly peaceful environment.

Just drop me an email on my "Contact" page and we can get a day or two arranged for the coming season.

Chew Spillway
Herriots Bridge
Enrico Pini and I with his 40:08 fly caught Chew pike last March

Amazing Chew Pike

We've just finished the second week of the 2015 Chew Valley Pike Trials and in just 10 days, over 20 pike in excess of 30lbs have been landed, topped off by a massive fish of 42lbs 9ozs.

I guided Mike Anderton and his son Will from Keswick last Thursday and Friday on Chew.  They managed 13 pike to 12:08 on lures, which included PB's for them both.  Mike also landed a fantastic perch of 4:10 - a real fish of a lifetime!

This Monday Dave Sproston and I had 4 pike up to 10lbs on lures and yesterday I joined John Synnuck and Neil Leaver for a day of fishing deads at anchor.  The flat calm conditions and high pressure all week were not conducive to bringing the pike on the feed, but Neil managed a superbly conditioned pike of 30lbs 4ozs from Spring Bay.

Next week I am also out on the first day with Daryl Hunter, who is hoping for one of Chew's leviathans.  We could certainly do with a bit of wind to help the boat to drift and thereby cover plenty of water and lots of fish. 

Trout Season bookings

I am now taking bookings for the 2015 trout fishing season.  Blagdon opens on Saturday 7th March and Chew a week later. 
Please drop me an email to:  to book a day on either lake.


Mike Anderton's 4:10 Chew Valley Perch
Will Anderton's PB 12:08 Chew Valley Pike
Neil Leaver's 30:04 Chew Valley Pike

2014 Season almost over

The boat fly fishing season is now over until 2015 and some super fish came out in the last few weeks.  The pike trials continue until Friday next week and then all boat fishing will cease until next year.
Pike have fed well during this very mild Autumn with masses of roach and perch fry present.  However, there are already over 300 cormorants present on Chew Valley Lake and they will feast themselves on the silver fish stocks during the close season.  I hope that they do not obliterate them completely as they are such an important part of the food chain on Chew.

Since 17th October in the BLAC Lure Final on Chew, I have had Pike Trials boats and fly fishing boats and have landed 80 pike and countless numbers of perch during these sessions.  There has been a true cross section of sizes of pike, proving that all year classes are present - despite claims to the contrary by the vocal misinformed!

IGFA Fly Tippet records

Richard Hart fished with me on the fly recently and claimed 4 IGFA perch fly tippet records.  His best perch weighed 3lbs 10ozs.  This was the first time I have ever had anyone fish for line caught records and it certainly made the day interesting.  Richard's colleague Lloyd Morgan also caught plenty of perch plus pike to 13:08 which was his PB fly caught pike.  Rich then followed that by catch and releasing a 4:08 rainbow and a stonking 6:00 brown trout!

Pike and Trout

Will Anderton came to Chew from Keswick and landed a PB pike and trout in the same day.  Will's 6:00 rainbow was an absolute deep bellied beauty!
Barry Hawyes had an 18:00 pike with me on Monday this week, while John Synnuck boated pike of 27:04 and 17:00; losing another tail walking mid 20 while I was unhooking his first high 20!



Will Anderton's 6:08 Chew Rainbow
Rich Hart's 6:00 Chew Brownie
Rich Hart's Record IGFA fly tippet 3:10 Chew Perch

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