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Cracking start for Blagdon

 Blagdon Lake opened last Saturday and the fishing was fantastic.  My 8 fish weighed a massive 28lbs 10ozs and all were taken using a floating fly line.
I fished with Simon Pledge and he too caught his 8 fish limit and they weighed over 22lbs, making it a combined limit bag of over 50lbs!

The best fish on the day was a superb overwintered rainbow of 5lbs 4ozs which took my size 10 Black Diawl Bach Nymph off Polish Water.
Most of our fish took the Black Lure on the point and all had some daphnia in them but little else due to the very cold water and air temperatures.

A couple of days later I fished with Dougie Grant and due to the strengthening Easterly wind, we spent a lot of the day in Pegs Bay and off Rugmoor Point.
The water here was a bit dirty, but it made no difference to the trout - they fed well all day and once again, we fished floating lines with a Black Lure on the point with Diawl Bach Nymphs on the droppers.

We had 4 fish over 4lbs, including 2 overwintered rainbows of 4lbs 2ozs and 3lbs 2ozs.  Again my 8 fish weighed in excess of 28lbs!

Bewl called off

I was due to fish Bewl on Saturday for an England get-together, but due to the awful weather and the distances our team had to travel, it was postponed.  Just as well as there was 3 inches of snow in High Wycombe where I had been staying.  

Because of this, I was to miss Chew's Opening Day for the first time in many years, although I was due to be out on the Sunday.

As it happened, I also missed that day and have to admit I was not too sorry.  I popped in to the Lodge mid afternoon and spoke to some of the anglers.  Scott Roberts showed me a pic of the ice that had formed on his rod rings.  Another angler told me he had put his rod down in the bottom of the boat and it froze solid, making it hard to prise away again to fish!

Plenty of trout were caught on the opening 2 days, but most from the top of the wind around North Shore, False Island and the main Picnic Area.  I am sure that as soon as this cold spell of weather relents, the fishing on both lakes will be explosive, with plenty of overwintered fish being caught.

What a difference a year makes .......

Just to give you an idea of what this time last year gave us, here is a pic of Opening Day on Chew last year.  We fished in shirtsleeves and needed sunscreen!

My overwintered 5lb 4oz Blagdon Rainbow
Another overwintered Blagdon Rainbow
2012 Chew Opening Day weather

Hi from New Zealand

 I have been in New Zealand for over a week now and it's been a truly amazing trip.

The first week we filmed river and lake fishing with top NZ guides Peter Scott and Yoshi.  I have some incredible pics of the journey courtesy of Yoshi, who is not only a great angler but also a superb cameraman!

As usual, Martin Founds has filmed the entire trip and we hope to showcase this later in the year on Sky TV.

I am running some clinics for the NZ anglers as well as fishing lots of venues here in the North Island - sometimes in the lee of an active volcano!!!!!

More to follow, but here are a few pics.

Active volcano above Lake Rotoaira
Me with a cracking river Brownie
Casting and fishing demo on Otomangakau

Watch John's SKY TV Podcast

 If you want to see John's biggest ever brown trout capture plus lots of other footage from Tasmania, then download Sky TV's Tightlines Podcast.

John and Keith Arthur discuss the coming season on Chew Valley Lake, with prospects of huge trout, plus action from the recent pike trials and lots of other matters "fishy".,20494,19916,00.html



John Synnuck's 28lb Pike

 Last Monday John Synnuck and I fished the 1st day of Chew Valley Pike Trials and landed pike of 28lbs and 21lbs 4ozs, plus 2 other doubles and a couple of cracking rainbow trout!
The weather had threatened to cancel all boats due to high winds, but thankfully Chew was fishable all week as the high gusts never materialised.  It was however, very cold and pretty windy, making drifting with lures almost impossible.  So it was reluctantly a time to sit it out with deadbaits and our first fish of the day weighed a creditable 21:04 and fell to my rod.  John soon followed that up with his PB Chew Pike that weighed exactly 28lbs.
We also had a couple of doubles and another at 7lbs with a Tag.  I checked my records and John Synnuck caught that fish with me in October and it weighed 6:12.  Then an hour later that October day, I caught it again!  Amazingly, when I was out the next day, we caught 5 more pike and one of them was that very same fish - complete with Tag!

Overwintering Trout

On the Monday, John and I boated rainbow trout of 3lbs and 5lbs - both took mackerel and were released unharmed.
The next day, my clients landed 3 cracking rainbows; 4lbs, 6:08 and 7:08.  Once again, all went back unharmed and all were extremely fat and fighting fit.

This really bodes well for the coming trout fishing season as it proves the trout are overwintering well on the rich pickings of hoglice and shrimp.

Pike again on Monday

The weather looks set to be fairly calm and a bit warmer for this 2nd set of Chew Pike Trials which begin on Monday.
I am due to be there and am expecting to fish lures on the drift.

Hardly anyone has fished lures during the 1st set of Trials, so it is possible we might find some decent pike well away from where the bait fishers are anchoring.

John Synnuck's 28lb Pike
My 21lb 4oz Pike
A full Chew Valley Lake

See John on Tight Lines tonight and Soccer AM tomorrow!

 John is tonight's guest angler on Sky Sports TV's weekly fishing programme Tight Lines, presented by Keith Arthur.
Trout fishing with John in Tasmania is the main filmed theme with plenty of discussion and action of John catching his biggest ever Brown Trout - estimated at close to 30lbs!

The forthcoming trout fishing season on Chew Valley and Blagdon Lakes is also featured, with plenty of tips and tactics to land yourself an overwintered trout.

Tune into Sky Sports 2 at 6:30pm (repeated on Sky Sports 2 and 3).

Then watch out for John's surprise appearance on Soccer AM this Saturday morning, 10:00am until 12:00am.

New Season only days away!!!!!

 The 2013 season is just a few days away when Chew Valley Lake will open for the Spring Session of Pike Trials.
Thanks to constant rain and recent snow melt, both Chew and Blagdon are still overflowing.  Due to the increased water coming into the lakes, the colour of the water is dirty near to the inlets.  Recent heavy winds have also stirred the water up, but today it is calm and most of that sediment will fine down and clear. 

The dirtiest parts of Chew are in the "out of bounds" areas and the majority of the lake is easily fishable.  What we do not want is more windy weather, so its "fingers crossed" for some settled conditions.

A few years ago I fished a Spring Trials when the whole of Chew was chocolate brown.  You could put your hand into the water and not see your finger tips - it was that coloured!  Amazingly, that was one of my best trials ever for lure fishing.  The majority of boats were doing what they normally do - anchor-up and watch floats all day.  But I watched Bob Jones and Pete Climo as they fished lures on the drift and land a couple of crackers early doors, so decided to copy their lure fishing tactic - and boy did it work!  You could'nt fish those lures fast enough as the pike were whipped into a frenzy by the vibration of the lures.

Lets hope that these trials are productive - I really enjoyed the Autumn Trials, especially when my client Peter Mersh got the best fish of those sessions at 35lbs 5ozs!
Some people were having the usual moan as it was a bit harder than usual, but hey, what do they expect?  It cant be easy all the time and Chew being full to overflowing for most of the season is something none of us have ever witnessed.

I am expecting the pike to be well spread at the moment, as there is water in some of the margins that has never reached there before!  It should be a great season for both trout and pike and I for one cannot wait to get cracking again.

Tight Lines for 2013!

Herriots in the snow
Herons Green

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